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The project is just a few steps away from a beautiful symbol and pillar of Christian faith, the Santa Ana Church. Nearby schools includes St. Francis School, St. Mary's Academy, O.B Montessori Center and further down is La Concordia College. Banks, restaurant and supermarkets, all are just minuts away.

The Santa Ana district has been appointed a histo-cultural heritage and overlay zone by the Manila City Council, making it one of Metro Manila’s few well-preserved historical and cultural attractions. This district has always been a popular residential area among urbanites, thanks to its proximity to Makati City and Mandaluyong City.

The central business district of Makati—including prestigious local and multinational offices, embassies and consulates, shopping malls, and lifestyle and leisure destinations—is a short drive away. Mandaluyong City, known as Metro Manila’s Tiger City, is also within a short driving distance. The equally historic districts of San Andres, Paco, and Pandacan in the City of Manila are also within a short driving or commuting distance. This simply means that residents of Santa Ana Townhomes can enjoy a quick, hassle-free commute to their workplaces and a wide variety of shopping malls, banks, hospitals and clinics, schools, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Walking around the neighborhood will already bring Santa Ana Townhomes residents to some of the district’s heritage treasures. The most prominent of them is the Franciscan church established in the 16th century formally known as the Parish of Our Lady of the Abandoned. This centuries-old structure is also known as the Santa Ana Church and is home to the district’s patroness, the Our Lady of the Abandoned. This patroness is represented by an image made in Valencia, Spain, which reached Philippine shores in 1717. Santa Ana Church is also home to two of the country’s prized National Cultural Treasures, including the Santa Ana Site Museum in the convent’s patio and the Dressing Room of the Virgin.

Santa Ana Church is famous for its Baroque architecture and adobe bricks, as well as the number of ancient paintings decorating its dome interiors. Other notable areas within this historic structure are the beautifully ornamented retablo, the marble baptistery, and the chapel of the Virgen del Pozo.

In the same street, Santa Ana Townhomes residents will find the Taoist Temple of Santa Ana, which is dedicated to the venerated Chinese “saint” of justice, Pao Ong Hu. This temple is also dedicated to the patroness of the district (Our Lady of the Abandoned). This decades-old temple has two chapel rooms for its two patrons where both Filipino and Chinese devotees can enjoy a moment of silence.

There is also the Iglesia ni Cristo Museum in the district, which was established in 1914. This beautiful turn-of-the-century building actually served as a place of worship during its earlier years, and was eventually converted to house the religion’s historical artifacts.

Along the Tejeron and Mabuhay streets, residents will find the American Eagle Club, which used to be a restaurant that catered to the district’s foreign residents after the Second World War.

For a bit of history combined with modern-day convenience, residents can head over to their local Save More store, where they will find a glass-encased atrium right in the middle of the building. Inside this atrium are some colonial-period excavations, preserved to offer shoppers a glimpse into the illustrious district of Santa Ana.

Aside from these exciting cultural heritage destinations, residents of Santa Ana Townhomes also enjoy close proximity to local restaurants (serving history-laced treats such as halo-halo, chicharon, and pancit palabok), schools such as La Concordia College, OB Montessori, St. Francis School, and St. Mary’s Academy Santa Ana.

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